Sugar Skulls for Day of The Dead

The Mexican holiday of Dia de Los Muertos is right around the corner and sugar skulls are a must for every altar.

Decorated sugar skulls for Day of The Dead altar by @MexicanMadeMeatless

How many of you celebrate Day of The Dead or Dia De Los Muertos?

If you’re unfamiliar with this very special holiday, which honors our loved ones no longer on Earth, please read the following posts to learn all about it.

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This year, my sisters hosted a sugar skull decorating party for their children. They all did an amazing job! I couldn’t join them but I’m thrilled that they sent me some pictures so we can share with you.

I should point out that the sugar skulls, royal icing and little adornments were all homemade and handmade by them. They are so talented and you can clearly see that in the photos.

At the party all of the components were laid out so everyone could choose the size of the sugar skull they wanted, as well as any colors and adornments they wanted to personalize their skull with.

Sugar skulls play an important part on the Day of The Dead altars because they’re meant to honor our loved ones that have passed on to the next life.

Traditionally the name of the deceased is written on the sugar skull.

I love that my sisters went all out with the sugar skulls this year. They made them truly unique and beautiful with their elaborate attention to detail. The sugar skulls are so gorgeous that I’d want to keep them for as long as they’d hold up.

Perhaps next year we can share a full tutorial on how to make them yourselves. 

Does your family have the tradition of decorating sugar skulls?

Catrina Dolls by Jackie Q. Designs

Amigos, I also wanted to share this very talented young Latina’s work. Jacqueline Quintanilla makes the most adorable catrina dolls! They are all handmade and each one is unique.

You can find Jacqueline both on Facebook and on Instagram. Go check her out and inquire about her dolls, she sells them and you know there’s nothing better than supporting a small business owner!

Jackie Q. Designs on Facebook

Jackie Q. Designs on Instagram

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