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Hola I’m Nancy! Welcome to Mexican Made Meatless, a blog were I share vegan Mexican recipes and vegetarian Mexican recipes. I love transforming authentic traditional Mexican dishes into modern delicious meatless recipes.

If you’ve been looking or a vegan Mexican food blog, or a vegetarian Mexican food blog, then look no further!

I am a professional freelance food photographer and videographer with 10 years food blogging experience. My online career began with my blog SpicieFoodie.com.

I have published three digital cookbooks. Two are meat-based ones before going meatless. They are An Epiphany of the Senses and Spicie Chicken.

The third cookbook is my Tamales Made Meatless cookbook, which was published in October of 2021.

I’ve also published Yummy Pics, a popular how-to guidebook to the art of photographing food.

Additionally my recipes have been widely published by such noted entities as About.com, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Country Living, NBC Latino, Healthline, Woman’s Health, Gourmet, VegNews, The Guardian.

I’m also an official blogger for the worldwide ‘Meatless Monday’ campaign.

I was born and raised in a traditional small town Mexican environment, in which my education in Mexican food preparation began early by watching the passion that my mother, grandmother, and aunts all put into their cooking sessions.

Though the culinary bug took time to fully infect my soul, when it finally did it instilled in me a fiery passion that has lead me to devour everything about the culinary arts and helped me get to where I am today.

My current experience with food is entirely self-taught, and occasionally touching up on what I have learned from family and friends in their traditional Mexican recipes.

Becoming meatless has been an exciting journey that has helped me learn so much more about food. I am very excited to share this journey and all of my recipes and meatless lifestyle tips with you.

Thank you for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you with any questions about Mexican vegan and vegetarian recipes as well as any suggestions you may have.


~ Nancy

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What You’ll Find on Mexican Made Meatless

You’re going to find healthy vegan Mexican and vegetarian Mexican recipes! You’ll find recipes that are delectable and as close to the traditional meat-based versions as possible. Plus completely new combinations and flavors you’d maybe never considered before.

I’m a self-taught cook who loves good Mexican food but doesn’t want to spend all day in the kitchen — unless it’s for tamales, they are totally worth it!

The recipes you’ll find here are easy enough for a beginner cook, yet inspiring to even a cocina pro!

Why Mexican Made Meatless?

August of 2021 marked my 6 year anniversary of when I stopped eating meat for good.

During my life I have off-and-on tried to become a full time vegetarian. But I never succeeded for more than a couple of weeks before going back to eating meat.

In all of those years I instead made sure to eat several vegetarian or vegan meals throughout the week. For a time this made me feel better. But the idea, the want, always stayed with me.

When I hit my first 6 month mark, I felt something changed in me. I felt myself able to fully dedicate my eating habits to this new lifestyle.

So when I marked my one year anniversary, I decided to share my journey and create this blog. I then too stopped blogging at Spicie Foodie and created Mexican Made Meatless.

I decided to focus on Mexican cuisine because this is the food that runs through my veins. The food that has nourished me and my ancestors for centuries.

I am thrilled to share with you these culinary twists. The challenge of transforming a carnivorous cuisine into meatless versions has been inspirational and so much fun!

From Carnivore to Meatless

If you’d like to read more about my journey, please check out this article here This Carnivore’s Guilt.

Are These Recipes for You?

Do you like the true authentic flavours of Mexican food?

Are you looking to eat healthier, to eat more plant-based meals?

Then yes, absolutely these recipes are for you!

I think you’ll truly appreciate these recipes and the pieces of my journey that I’ll continue to share.

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