Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I get. If you don’t see yours answered here, feel free to reach out. Gracias!

Concha Shortcake

Are you Mexican?

Yes, I am. I was born in Mexico and spent part of my childhood there. Though I lived outside of Mexico for most of my life, I am currently back in my home country and fully taking advantage of all the foods that I missed whilst I was away.

How long have you been meatless?

As of August 2021 I celebrated my 6th anniversary of going meatless.

Why did you go meatless?

Though I respect everyone’s choice, I no longer wanted a poor animal to die so I could eat it.

Did you stop eating meat right away?

I went from a hardcore meat eater (talking 2 or 3 times a day), to a Pescaterian diet.

Who writes the recipes, and who photographs them and does your videos?

Yours truly. I run this entire operation myself. I also happen to offer my photography and videography services to bloggers and companies. If you’re interested click here to go read more on this page.

Can you recommend a good web designer?

Yes, I can! Camila of TCN Design Studio is an incredibly talented designer and the person I’ve trusted most with not only design but website maintenance and passing CWV. Go on get in touch with her and tell her I sent you! Click here to visit her website.

Can I share your recipe and photo on my blog?

It depends. If you are sharing my recipe please do not copy and paste into your blog, instead rewrite it in your words and as you cooked it. As for photos you may only use them on your blog if you do not edit them or remove the copyright stamp. It is customary, and always appreciated it, to credit me as the author and source and add a link back to the recipe. If you send me a quick email letting me know you are using either, I sometimes will reshare your blog post with my followers.

Can I publish, share your recipe and/or photo on my company’s website or social media pages?

Not without an explicit written consent from me. Please respect this and understand that this work is my livelihood and something that I put time, money, and lots of effort into it. Unfortunately a “shout-out” doesn’t put food on my table.

If you didn’t see your question answered here please feel free to send me an email and I’d be happy to get back to you just as soon as possible.