If you love Mexican tamales and are looking for a fantastic collection of vegan tamales and vegetarian tamales recipes, then this is THE cookbook for you!!!

Mexican Tamales Made Meatless
Mexican Tamales Made Meatless

What’s Inside

This ultimate guide to meatless tamales is 128 pages eCookbook jampacked information with everything you need to know to make the most delicious, authentic Mexican tamales.

There are countless photos to guide you, information and recipes for making the masa, how to prep the corn husks and banana leaves, how to spread the masa, how to steam the tamales in a variety of ways, how to store them and how to reheat them.

Plus there are 16 savory filling recipes, 5 sweet filling options, 11 different recipes to serve with your tamales and so much more!!!


Savory Tamales Recipes

More Savory Tamales Recipes


Sweet Tamales Recipes


Masa Recipes


Countless Tamales Making Tips


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