My New Cookbook: Mexican Tamales Made Meatless

Hola amigos! I have some great news to share with you, I wrote a brand new cookbook. It’s called Mexican Tamales Made Meatless, and it’s the ultimate guide for making vegan tamales and vegetarian tamales. You’re going to LOVE this delicious cookbook, promise!!

Mexican Tamales Made Meatless
Mexican Tamales Made Meatless Cookbook

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Mexican Tamales Made Vegan and Vegetarian

The idea for this book came to me the first Christmas after I went meatless. The idea of not having Christmas tamales crushed me.

It simply wasn’t an option to not have delicious, and as close to the real thing tamales, ever again.

I began experimenting with different ingredients like TVP and though not all of the experiments yielded yummy results, I kept trying and testing.

Particularly so as more time went on and I began discovering new vegan and vegetarian ingredients.

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Vegan Tamales Recipes

About This Vegan Tamales Cookbook

Amigos, the cookbook is my passion project with 5 years in the making. It makes me so happy to finally share it with you.

I tried my hardest to make sure that the flavors of these tamales were as authentic as possible. The majority of the recipes are traditional tamales from different regions across Mexico.

Some are reimagined flavors taken from other Mexican dishes…like with my vegan birria tamales.

There are a few that are new modern flavors, but I know you’ll really enjoy.

All the tamales you see here I shared with friends and neighbors. All of which are meat eaters. All of them raved about the delicious flavors and some couldn’t believe there was not meat.

I know you and your loved ones will also truly enjoy these tamales recipes.

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Vegetarian Mexican Tamales Recipes
Vegan Tamales Recipes with Savory Fillings

Vegan Tamales Recipes & Vegetarian Tamales Recipes

The book has a total of 16 savory tamales recipes and 4 sweet tamales recipes.

Each recipe tells you if it’s vegan or vegetarian. Plus there are also tips on how to make a vegetarian recipe vegan and vice versa.

Mexican Sweet Tamales Recipes
Sweet Vegan Tamales & Sweet Vegetarian Tamales Recipes

Vegan Masa for Tamales

I also included 4 different masa recipes. Some made with shortening, oil, masa harina and fresh masa, plus there’s also a “basic sweet masa for tamales” recipe.

Vegan Masa for Tamales
Vegan Masa for Tamales with Oil and with Shortening

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Countless Tips for Making Authentic Meatless Tamales

The book is packed with so much information. It’s super helpful both for the complete beginner and the more experienced cook too.

I share tips on how to make sure the masa is ready for spreading. There’s a section all about prepping the corn husks and the banana leaves, as well as spreading the masa and rolling up the tamales.

How to Spread Masa for Tamales
How to Spread Masa for Tamales

There’s also tons of information on how to steam the tamales — it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a tamalera, there are tips for a regular pot as well as an Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Tamales
Vegan Instant Pot Tamales

I’ve also included plenty of tips on how to store the tamales — whether raw or steamed, in the fridge and in the freezer.

Plus there’s lots of instructions on all of the ways you can reheat your tamales!!

Sample of Vegan Tamales Cookbook
Reheating Tamales

Tips on Serving Tamales & Drinks and Foods to Accompany Your Tamales

On top of the masa and filling recipes I’ve also included many recipes for serving your tamales. There are side dishes, salsa, drinks and more.

There’s also a couple unique ways you can serve them. Like did you know you can transform one tamal into a complete breakfast?

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Vegetarian Mexican Tamales Recipes
Breakfast Tamales

Get The eCookbook Today!

Amigos you really don’t want to miss out on this delicious, authentic Mexican tamales cookbook!!

With the upcoming holiday season this book is going to be your go-to guide for Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Candelaria.

Actually “Mexican Tamales Made Meatless” isn’t just for the holiday fiestas, you can use this recipe book anytime of the year you want to cook tamales!!

Please Tell Your Friends and Family

Amigos, I would be eternally grateful if you could tell your friends and family about my cookbook. It would mean a lot to me and also be a huge help. The proceeds of the book go to fund more FREE recipes and videos here on the blog and social media for YOU. Additionally I always donate a certain percentage of my monthly income to help feed the homeless animals in my neighborhood.

Muchas Gracias!!

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If you buy the eBook version use Promo Code BLOG10 at checkout and you’ll receive a 10% discount on your purchase!! Sorry Amazon doesn’t give me the ability to add discounts.

Mexican Tamales Cookbook with Vegan Tamales Recipes
Mexican Tamales Made Meatless

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