17 Refreshing Agua Fresca Recipes

Agua fresca is a type of Mexican drink that translates to “fresh water” in English. There are countless variations of agua fresca and traditionally it can be made with seasonal fruits, flower, seeds or grains.

A collage of four photos showing pictures of papaya, blackberry, pineapple and watermelon agua fresca.
Refreshing Agua Fresca Recipes

Some of the most popular agua fresca flavors are watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, lime, mango, and pineapple. Also popular are jamaica or hibiscus flowers, horchata made from rice, tamarind or tamarindo, and barley or cebada. There are so many unique and delicious regional variations too.

Agua fresca is essentially a combination of that mentioned above blended with water and often enhanced with a sweetener and sometimes the light acidity of fresh lime juice.

The beauty of agua fresca is that it’s simple, seasonal, and versatile.

There’s nothing quite like a big glass of your favorite agua fresca flavor served over ice. It’s a super refreshing drink perfect for quenching your thirst on hot days.

In Mexico you’ll find agua fresca at street stalls, markets, ice cream parlors, restaurants and throughout the country in peoples homes. When you travel to Mexico make sure to look for the seasonal fruit agua frescas to really enjoy the culinary heritage of Mexico.

In the US and other parts of the World, you can find agua fresca at your local Mexican restaurant. In the US, depending on where you live, ice cream parlors called La Michoacana always have agua fresca too.

But of course homemade agua fresca is even better! You can control not only what flavors you’d like to make, but also which sweetener and how much of it to use. Below are some refreshing agua fresca options for your to try, some have sugar and others don’t.

I’ll continue to update this list as I add or find new recipes from fellow blogger friends. So be sure to come back and check for new flavors!

1. Watermelon Agua Fresca

A pitcher and glass filled with ice cold watermelon agua fresca. There's also some limes off to the side.
Watermelon Agua Fresca
This watermelon agua fresca or agua de sandia is a refreshing and delicious treat the whole family will love! My watermelon agua fresca recipe is made with ripe, sweet and juicy watermelon it's a great way to keep hydrated all summer long.

2. Pineapple Agua Fresca

Ice cold agua de piña or Mexican pineapple agua fresca
Agua de Piña
Pineapple is one of the more popular agua fresca recipes, it's sweet and a tad tart so the perfect combination for a hot summer day. This recipe has no added sugar!

3. Cucumber-Lime Agua Fresca 

Two tall glasses and one glass pitcher full of cucumber lime agua fresca with cucumber slices.
Sense and Edibility
Agua de Pepino
Cucumbers and limes are known for their hydrating and refreshing qualities. This cucumber agua fresca will keep you cool all summer long.

4. Cantaloupe Agua Fresca

Two glasses and a pitcher filled with cantaloupe agua fresca.
Muy Bueno Blog
Agua de Melón
Made with just 3 ingredients this agua de melon is a traditional as they get.

5. Mango Agua Fresca

One tall glass filled with mango agua fresca and a small sprig of mint sticking out of it.
Art of Natural Living
Agua de Mango
Fruity, tropical, sweet and refreshing this mango agua fresca will give you beach vibes.

6. Papaya Agua Fresca

Papaya drink or papaya and orange agua fresca inside small glasses.
Agua de Papaya
Papaya combined with orange juice for a sweet, tropical and refreshing summer agua fresca.

7. Piña Colada Agua Fresca

Two short glasses filled with pina colada agua fresca and topped with shaved coconut and a wedge of pineapple.
Thrift and Spice
Piña Colada Agua Fresca
A creamy agua fresca with the tropical flavors of pina colada. You can swap out the evaporated milk for a non-dairy option.

8. Kiwi Agua Fresca

Closeup view of a short glass filled with kiwi agua fresca drink.
Mama Latina Tips
Kiwi Agua Fresca
Sweet, tangy and a thirst quencher on hot days. Kiwi is such an underrated fruit and perfect for agua fresca.

9. Dragon Fruit Agua Fresca

Two small glasses filled with ice cubes and Mexican dragon fruit agua fresca.
Pitahaya Agua Fresca
Dragon fruit, or pitahaya, is a cactus fruit that looks like a white kiwi. The taste is mild, sweet, refreshing and it makes the perfect agua fresca drink.

10. Chia Lime Agua Fresca

One tall glass with a metal straw filled with chia and lime agua fresca with lime slices.
Health My Lifestlye
Chia Lime Agua Fresca
This small batch chia agua fresca with lime is very nutritious and one of the classic agua fresca flavors.

11. Chocolate Agua Fresca

Iced Mexican Chocolate
Chocolate Agua Fresca
Take those Mexican hot chocolate disks and make the most delicious, creamy chocolate agua fresca.

12. Prickly Pear Hibiscus Agua Fresca

A glass filed with Prickly Pear Hibiscus Agua Fresca and topped with a mint leaf, hibiscus flower and a slice of lime.
Cook Eat Live Love
Prickly Pear Hibiscus Agua Fresca
This perfect combination of an agua fresca is sweet, a little tart, and fruity and so refreshing.

13. Hibiscus Agua Fresca

A glass filled with agua de jamaica or Mexican hibiscus tea.
Agua Fresca de Jamaica
A refreshing and healthy agua fresca made with dried hibiscus flowers that's tart, sweet and very refreshing.

14. White Cucumber Agua Fresca

Agua de Pepino Blanco
White cucumber tastes like a cross between a regular green cucumber and honeydew melon, it's juicy and mildly sweet and perfect for making a refreshing agua fresca.

14. Strawberry Agua Fresca

View from above of a glass filled with strawberry agua fresca and inside are sliced strawberries and a sprig of mint.
Mama Latina Tips
Agua de Fresa
Sweet strawberries make the perfect refreshing and vibrant agua fresca.

15. Blackberry Agua Fresca

A wine glass filled with ice cold blackberry agua fresca topped with mint and fresh blackberries.
Agua de Zarzamoras
Dark and full of nutrients, blackberries are a great way to enjoy this summer fruit in an ice cold agua fresca.

16. Horchata

Horchata is made with rice, cinnamon and cinnamon. It’s light, aromatic and so refreshing. Check out this recipe from La Piña en la Cocina.

17. Agua de Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a sweet and tart fruit which makes the best agua fresca combination. Follow this easy recipe by La Cocina de Leslie.

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A collage photo showing 10 different types of Mexican agua frescas.
Authentic Agua Fresca Recipes

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