Jicama with Lime Juice and Tajin

Jicama with Lime Juice and Chile Powder by @SpicieFoodie | #Mexican #snack #jicama #tajinpowder #tajin

Jic-a-what? Let’s begin with the pronunciation, it is hee-kama. Jicama is a round, hard, watery root vegetable with Mexican origins — in fact the word “jicama” is a (Mexican) Spanish word. Though it was first discovered in what is modern day Mexico, jicama can now be found across other Central, South and North American countries as well as across many Asian nations.

Jicama with Lime Juice and Chile Powder by @SpicieFoodie | #Mexican #snack #jicama #tajinpowder #tajin

Other names used for jicama are: Mexican yam, Mexican turnip, Mexican potato, ahipa, saa got, Chinese turnip, lo bok and Chinese potato.

Jicama with Lime Juice and Chile Powder by @SpicieFoodie | #Mexican #snack #jicama #tajinpowder #tajin

Jicama with Lime Juice and Chile Powder by @SpicieFoodie | #Mexican #snack #jicama #tajinpowder #tajin

Jicamas have a very tough and fibrous outer skin that MUST be peeled completely off. (Never eat the skin or plant parts because they are toxic.) Once the hard outer skin is removed a crisp, white and watery vegetable is revealed. The scent and taste are both very mild. Some describe the taste as a tad sweet but it really depends on where the jicama was grown. Jicama is very high in dietary fiber, has 86-90% water content, contains Vitamins C, A and calcium and phosphorus. Because of it’s high water content this makes it an ideal summertime or hot weather food to help you keep hydrated.

Jicama with Lime Juice and Chile Powder by @SpicieFoodie | #Mexican #snack #jicama #tajinpowder #tajin

Jicama with Lime Juice and Chile Powder by @SpicieFoodie | #Mexican #snack #jicama #tajinpowder #tajin

Across Asia, jicama is eaten both raw and cooked. In Mexico you will only find it eaten raw. Mostly you’ll find Mexicans eating jicama as a snack and with freshly squeezed lime juice and chile powder. The chile powder that is most often times used is called tajin. The tajin is a very popular condiment used for sprinkling over fresh fruit snacks and/or drinks like michelada beer cocktails. This fruit seasoning is made with three simple ingredients: ground chile peppers, salt and lime — a ubiquitous trinity of Mexican cooking.

Jicama with Lime Juice and Chile Powder by @SpicieFoodie | #Mexican #snack #jicama #tajinpowder #tajin

Jicama with Lime Juice and Chile Powder by @SpicieFoodie | #Mexican #snack #jicama #tajinpowder #tajin

For me, juicy pieces of jicama drenched in fresh lime juice and sprinkled with tajin seasoning is among the very best snacks one could have. The calories are low, the flavour is high and all that juiciness really helps to keep you hydrated and cool. Needless to say that since I live in perpetual summer, this jicama snack is a must — and now that summer is arriving to the rest of the Northern Hemisphere I know you will all appreciate it too.

Jicama with Lime Juice and Chile Powder by @SpicieFoodie | #Mexican #snack #jicama #tajinpowder #tajin

There is no recipe for this snack. All you do is pick up a firm jicama at your grocery store or farmer’s market, wash it throughly, peel off the rough outer brown skin, slice it or dice it or cut it into long stick pieces, squeeze fresh lime juice over the pieces then sprinkle as much tajin as you’d like. If you don’t have a bottle of tajin in your house then simply use your favourite ground chile powder and add some sea salt too.

Jicama with Lime Juice and Chile Powder by @SpicieFoodie | #Mexican #snack #jicama #tajinpowder #tajin

The last and most important step is to enjoy your snack…and don’t forget to drink the leftover red juice, some would argue that the snack would not be complete if you skip this step. I know once you taste it, you’ll make it your favourite summertime snack. Enjoy and have a beautiful day!

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  1. I love jicama but never thought of eating it by itself. This is such an awesome idea and such a refreshing snack for summer. Great post, Nancy!

  2. I absolutely love jicama and tajin and enjoy saying the words a thousand times! I made a jicama, radish and avocado salad for VeganYackAttack blog few months ago – so tasty! Such a pretty summery snack, love it!

  3. This looks so tempting.
    Fresh, simple and elegant.
    Must try to find out if I can find jicama in Peru and what it’s called here.
    Any idea??

    1. Thank you Daniela! I’m not sure what jicama is called in Peru — but I do remember reading (somewhere) that in Peru the word “jicama” is for a different vegetable.Maybe look to see if ones that say jicama are imported from Mexico, I also read that they were. Good luck and hope you find it soon!:)

  4. You know I have heard of Jicama several times but I just cannot find it here, at least not when I am looking. I hope to try it some day, especially served as this snack.

    1. I’m really surprised by that Evelyne. Have you tried looking in Asian and Hispanic markets near you? I hope you can find at least one to try soon.:)

  5. I love healthy snacks (especially now I work out… I can’t waste my hardwork haha). I need to look into this – I remember Jicama from your past post. I’m still interested in trying this out!

  6. The texture of jicama does remind a bit of turnip, but I don’t remember ever seeing it (maybe I’ll have to dig a little deeper next time in the market), very intrigued with the recipe 🙂

  7. Perfect balance of the cool jicama, sour limes and heat from the spice. This is a great idea for snacking this summer and you don’t even have to crank up the oven. You have to love that!

  8. This is the second post I’ve seen in the last fifteen minutes that used jicama as an ingredient. Evidence that I should get reacquainted with it real soon. Love the taste of it and love the idea of a perpetual summer!

  9. I love eating jicama in salads when I’m out on the town, but I never thought of it as a snack food. So easy and healthy that I must try!!

  10. Ooo, this sounds excellent! It’s been a while since I’ve eaten jicama but I’m going to go pick some up so I can make this. thanks for sharing this wonderful article and reicpe.

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