French Crepes and Gluten-Free Oat Crepes with Strawberries and Cajeta

#Crepes Stuffed with Warm #Strawberries and Drizzled with Mexican #Cajeta | #dulcedeleche #dessert #breakfast #glutenfree

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so I don’t often share dessert recipes. Oh yeah, then there’s the whole thing about being an awful baker. But every now and then I prepare a sweet treat for us, like these crepes. They are so simple and not too overly sweet, so perfect in my book.

You’ll notice the crepe on the yellow plate is darker than the ones in the background, this is because it’s made with whole grain oat flour rather than white flour. I love both of the versions but lately I tend to favour the heartier, nuttier, oat flour ones. For those of you that are gluten-free you too can eat crepes. You only need to make sure that the oat flour you’ve purchased is certified gluten free. Oats do not contain gluten, but because they are often processed alongside wheat crops, they can become contaminated. Make sure check for that GF stamp on the package.

The filling quite simple, as you’ll see in the recipe below, and the brown sauce you see drizzled over the crepes is Mexican cajeta. I usually make my own but one of my cousins was visiting and brought me some from the town I was born it. This is the best cajeta (or dulce de leche) ever! It’s so good that I eat it by the spoonful or even put it in my coffee. Naughty, I know, but so so good.

#Crepes Stuffed with Warm #Strawberries and Drizzled with Mexican #Cajeta | #dulcedeleche #dessert #breakfast #glutenfree
Crepes with Strawberries and cajeta or Mexican goat milk caramel sauce

French Crepes and Gluten-Free Oat Crepes with Strawberries and Cajeta

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A simple crepe dessert that is easy to prepare and perfect for enjoying seasonal strawberries.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Course Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine French, fusion, Mexican
Servings 4



  • crepes either traditional French crepes or gluten-free oat crepes
  • fresh strawberries hulled and sliced into quarters or eights depending on their size
  • salted butter
  • honey
  • vainilla extract
  • Mexican cajeta or dulce de leche of your choice



  • Prepare the crepes first then set them aside. (You can also make them the day ahead.) Allow the cajeta to come to room temperature while you proceed. Heat a large pan, once hot add a tablespoon or two of butter and allow it to melt. Swirl the butter around in the pan, then add the strawberry pieces. Drizzle in just a little bit of honey (or to taste), then a small splash of vanilla extract. Gently stir to combine the ingredients. Over a medium-low heat allow the strawberries to warm up and release a bit of their juices. Turn off the heat and set aside.
  • If needed warm up the crepes, make sure the cajeta is now warm and easy to drizzle. Stuff each crepe with some of the strawberry filling, fold into a half moon, and drizzle the cajeta over the crepe(s). Serve with a hot cup of tea or a coffee.


-The French crepe recipe is here
– The gluten-free oat crepes recipe is here. The only change you’ll make is to replace the hemp flour with flax meal.
– If you’d like to make your own cajeta get the recipe is here.
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#Crepes Stuffed with Warm #Strawberries and Drizzled with Mexican #Cajeta | #dulcedeleche #dessert #breakfast #glutenfree

I love this simple dessert because it has two favourite foods of mine: Crepes and strawberries. I hope you’ll make yourself some of these, and specially if you have any leftover crepes in the fridge. Enjoy!

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