How to Roast Poblano Peppers Over an Open Flame
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If you love the authentic and traditional flavours of Mexican cuisine then you simply must learn how to properly prepare Poblano peppers for cooking, this step-by-step will show you how.
Recipe type: Step-by-Step
Cuisine: Mexican
  • Poblano peppers
Kitchen Utensils:
  • gas stove
  • metal tongs
  • plate
  • plastic wrap or a container with a lid or a plastic sandwich bag
  • knife
  • latex gloves (highly recommended for preventing chile burns)
  1. Throughly rinse each pepper to make sure to remove any dirt, use a paper towel or clean kitchen towel to pat dry each pepper.
  2. Turn your stove on to a medium-high flame, carefully place one or two (or even 3, depending on size) of the peppers directly on the the burner and over the flame. You’ll want to use the tongs to help arrange the peppers so that they don’t fall off and to help ensure even heat/flame on each one. Slowly the Poblanos will get little blisters that will darken and make a little popping sound. You’ll have to use the tongs to keep turning them so that the entire pepper is evenly charred on all sides. Do not leave them unattended because you want the other skin just to darken like in the pictures and not burn entirely and turn to ash. This step takes the longest and will require your patience. Continue turning each chile until it’s charred all over then remove it from the flame and continue the same step until each pepper has been roasted on the flame. You’ll also notice that the chile’s flesh will feel soft, you want to make sure that it feels this way throughout.
  3. After you have charred (or roasted) all of the peppers place them on the plate and cover with plastic wrap or put them in a container with a lid, or put them inside of a plastic sandwich bag and seal. Now leave the chiles aside for at least 8 minutes. Whilst they are inside any of these sealed containers they begin to release their heat as well as some natural liquid, this is what we call “sweating the chiles”. The purpose of this step is so that all of those little bits of charred skin will easily peel away from the pepper.
  4. Next you can place a “sweated” chile on a cutting board or plate and use a knife to gently scrape away the charred skin. Alternatively, you can use your (glove covered) hands to hold the pepper and with your other hand use your fingers to carefully pull away the charred skin. Either way works great, pick which ever is easiest for you.
  5. Sometimes if the charred and sweated peppers are still too hot to handle I like to place them in a little bit of warmish water to help me hold them better without burning my fingers. I then also dip the knife or my fingers in there to help remove any of the built up charred bits from them. Some people say that dipping the peppers in the water takes away some of their natural flavours, but I do this occasionally and still find the chiles just as delicious.
  6. Use a paper towel or running water to remove any of the excess charred bits from the peppers.
How To Devein And Prep Roasted Poblano Peppers
  1. After step number 6 now you continue will depend on what you’ll be using the peppers for. Check out the tips below for further preparation.
  2. Rellenos or Stuffed: If you are going to be stuffing the roasted Poblanos simply use a knife to make an incision going lengthwise. Very carefully (you may want to use those latex gloves again) use a small knife to cut away the seeds from inside the chile. Now the Poblano may be stuffed with cheese, beans, veggies or anything else you want to use.
  3. Strips for Fajitas or Rajas Poblanas, etc.: Grab one charred pepper cut it lengthwise and in half, use the knife to cut away the seeds, stems and any attached membranes. Then slice the halves into long strips cutting either along the width or length of each half.
  4. Sauces: I suggest using the strips method above for better blending and incorporating.
  5. Now Your Roasted Poblano Peppers Are Ready To Cook As Desired!
Tip: Poblanos that are nearly flat are much easier and quicker to roast over an open flame. So when you are selecting the peppers at the store try to get those. When Poblanos are curvier you may have to hold them directly over the flame with your tongs in order to get into all of the little nooks and crannies.

Something else you may notice are little bits of the charred skin floating around the burner as you cook, don’t worry this “mess” quickly wipes off once the burner has cooled down.
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