The Easiest and Fastest Way to Peel a Mango
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Learn the absolute best method for peeling a mango. These instructions will give you a cleaner and safer way of peeling a mango, plus you'll waste less fruit!
Recipe type: instructional, snack
Cuisine: international
Serves: 1
  • fresh mango(s), this method works with all varieties but smaller ones can be easier to handle
  • a sturdy cutting board
  • a sharp long knife
  • a tall and thick glass that is sturdy and easy for you to firmly hold on to
  1. First make sure that you have very clean hands in order to handle the clean mango. If you're cutting board tends to slide around place a damp and clean kitchen towel underneath to hold it in place. Also do watch the video along with these instructions for a visual guide.
  2. Begin by firmly holding the mango on its side so the chunky parts (called cheeks) are on either side of your hand. Basically you'll be slicing the mango into three parts, think of it like the centre section with the pit is about ¼ of the size of your mango. So now use your knife to slice off one side of the "cheek", the slice off the other. You'll now have the 2 larger parts where most of the mango flesh is, and the centre part with a little flesh and the pit.
  3. Set the two cheeks aside and grab the pit section. Hold it up to make a small slit on the top so that you can easily peel off the outer skin. Now use your knife to cut around the pit and remove as much of the flesh as possible. Be careful not to cut yourself and do hold that pit firmly in your hands and always cut/slice away from your body.
  4. Once your done with the pit move on to the cheeks. First grab your sturdy glass then one of the cheeks. Now with the thicker end against the rim of the glass, try to work the glass in between the flesh and the outer skin. Just go slowly and steadily put pressure on it to work it through. You'll notice the the rim will cause little ridges or wrinkling along the outer skin as you work your way up the cheek. The mango flesh will slide right into the glass. Continue with the second mango cheek.
  5. It takes practice getting all of the flesh off the skin, so if you end up with a little bit of flesh still on the skin simply use a spoon and scoop out those little bits. That's it, you're done and now you are ready to slice or cut up the mango flesh as you'd like!
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